Babies and Toddlers

Baby Room 3 months – 2 years

Our Nursery has space to take six babies per day/session. This room is designed to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and will complement home routines as much as possible. Daily activities will consist of lots of sensory play, both indoors and out. These will be carefully planned and be appropriate for the age and development of the babies.

In the Baby Room we offer Breakfast from 8 – 8.20am then our activities begin.  Babies can explore the Heuristic and Treasure Basket objects as well as the sensory toys. We have a small snack around 10am then we can go outside and explore their own garden which contains a sand pit, a fairy tree, sensory tiles, slide and small world sets.  We also go for a walk around the village, we may even see some of the farm animals too. Our lunch is served at 12 noon after which some babies may sleep.

The afternoon is then occupied by exploring with paint, soapy foam, gloop, shredded paper or even jelly.  A small snack is served around 2pm.  Babies then explore and make lots of noise with ICT toys, large trucks and cars. Tea is served at 4.30pm then we will have a quieter time – singing, stories, playing with small world and dolls until it is time to go home.

Once children reach the age of two years they will move up to the Toddler Room.

Toddler Room 2 – 3 years

Our Nursery has space to take eight toddlers per day/session that are aged two to three years. We introduce the children to many varied activities, and plan for each child’s individual needs using the Early Years Foundation Framework.

In the Toddler Room we learn and explore through sensory play. We explore a range of media and materials inside and outside, e.g water, paint, Play-dough and Cornflour.  The children also enjoy helping to tidy up after each activity.  We enjoy stories and songs throughout the day including music and movement where we can express ourselves through dance.

The gate leading into the Baby room means we can say hello to our friends/siblings, playing boo and encouraging an easier transition. Imaginative play is promoted in the home corner, giving children the chance to socialise and recreate their experiences from home and the wider community.

Toddlers are offered a variety of foods throughout the day, we have snack at about 10am and 2pm, this can consist of fruit and vegetables, bread-sticks, cheese, hummus, with milk or water to drink. During the year we join in celebrating different religious festivals and annual events such as Chinese New Year, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Diwali and Christmas.

For more information about the children’s activities please contact us – prospectus coming soon.