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Pre-School 3+ years

Pre-School Room

In the Pre – school Room we make learning fun, build positive relationships and promote confidence and independence in order that the children successfully transition to school.

We provide a variety of activities to cover all areas of learning. Our activities are mainly child-led with a small number of adult-led, planned activities. Activities include large and small construction; mark-making; painting; music; puzzles; games; ICT; books; role play; and using malleable materials, the sand and water trays and small world toys.

Each child is individually assessed throughout the year. This helps us review their progress and gives us the opportunity to share children’s development and experiences with parents. It also helps support their transition to school.
We offer free flow play, allowing children to choose whether to play and learn inside or explore and learn outside.
We promote independence, providing the children with a rolling “snack café”. This helps them manage time, prepare their own snack and make their own choices.

Small group time takes place once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This helps develop vocabulary and communication skills, allowing children to share ideas and develop social skills. These groups also promote the children’s literacy and numeracy skills in preparation for school.